Fordesoft, LLC is the company through which Josh Forde solo-develops and publishes games on PC, consoles, and mobile in his spare time.


Josh Forde, the man behind Fordesoft, has been developing games since the age of 12, when he released his first game with RPG Maker on PlayStation 1.

He was a member of the GameMaker Community in its earliest days, from 2001-2003, and then taught himself to program and went on to release a number of freeware and web games, including the Runescape-meets-Pokemon monstertaming MMORPG "Seeds of Time Online" in 2008, which boasted over 20k registered members at its peak.

In 2015, as a prerequisite for self-publishing on consoles, he legally founded Fordesoft, LLC, and continues to release games through that, starting with Super Blackout (2015 on Steam, PS Vita, PS Mobile, and Android), then with Emerald Shores (2018 on Steam, PS Vita, PlayStation 4), and then with Creature Card Idle (2019 on Steam and Kongregate).

Games released